Busy Mom’s Weekly Menu Plan – January 26 – February

Busy Moms Weekly Meal Plan 2 copy

For the past couple of weeks, my grocery bills have been a little out of control.  Each week I try to spend between $200 and $225 to feed our family of 5.  Sometimes this seems like an impossible task for me to accomplish.  Last week, when I went shopping we were out of pretty much everything and I spent $300 at the grocery store.  To stay within my monthly food budget, this week I am going to try and only spend $150.  I plan on accomplishing this by using meat I have frozen and only buy the fresh produce we eat during the week.

After reading my meal plan below you might think that this mommy has gone a wee bit crazy with the crockpot cooking thing.  : )  My work week is going to be pretty crazy.  I have a very tight deadline and I am not going to be able to get home before 5:30 to cook dinner any of the nights this week.  The only way to get dinners on the table for my family is to take full advantage of my crockpot.

Here is what I plan on making for dinner this week:

Sunday:  Out to dinner.

Monday:  Crockpot potato soup with chicken sandwiches. 

Tuesday:   Spinach meatballs with homemade crockpot tomato sauce over pasta.

Wednesday:  Meatball sandwiches with french fries.

Thursday:   Crockpot pulled pork with pineapples and coleslaw.

Friday:   Leftovers.

Saturday:  Budget friendly creamy tomato and spinach pasta.

What do you do to stay within your monthly grocery budget?


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