Shoes Shoes Shoes


My 15 year old daughter was invited to a sweet 16 party.  She was so excited to go to it and I thought it was nice her friend to invite her.

But then it begins…  We have to shop for the outfit.  Ugggggg  There was a time when I LOVED to shop.  I would look at all of the clothes in every store but this is no longer the case.  Shopping with a young teenage and 2 toddlers takes all the fun out of it.  Most of the time when I go shopping it is a marathon sprint to make sure I am done as soon as possible.  The shopping trip for the party dress only took 5 hours, 2 smoothies for the toddler, and Wendy happy meals to find a dress that I approved of.

Then what happened?  She borrowed a dress from her friend.  Really???  I will never get those 5 hours of screaming kids, stares from other shoppers while my double wide stroller gets stuck in between every rack possible, the pouts that I got from the 15 year old (why can’t you be like everyone else’s mom) and I lost a bit more of my sanity that I will never get back.

Ok, we have the dress but now we have to get the shoes.  Ugggggg Ugggggg  I refused to let her wear 5 inch heels.  I LOVE 5 in heels but I am not buying 4 inch heels for my 15 year old.

On the day of the party (I rarely seem to get anything before the last minute), we run to the store to find shoes.  God must have felt bad from me because after going to 1 store, the store was the store closest to our house, and do you know what we found?  WE FOUND SHOES!


We found shoes that she smiled about and shoes that I was happy with her wearing.

Mission Accomplished!

Question:  How to you handle shopping trips with your kids?


2 thoughts on “Shoes Shoes Shoes

  1. A pity she ended up borrowing’s a friend’s dress, though I must say I’ve had a similar situation. If you take away the 5 hours for the search of a dress (because I would have called it a day already), I found one quickly for my dad’s 50th birthday and I was quite pleased with it. But on the day itself I felt it wasn’t right. Not comfortable anymore and not suited for dancing (silly me) so I ended up borrowing a new dress of my sister. Wore the other dress for Christmas, though. 🙂 I’m glad you two got lucky with the shoes!

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