I Did It! Challenge Complete

DistanceLast Saturday, I asked you to join me for a challenge that Tina over at Carrots ‘N Cake was having.  The challenge was to see if you could run 1 mile without stopping if you are someone who doesn’t run regularly or if you are an avid runner to see if you could beat your fastest time.

SneakersThe goal that I set for myself was to jog 1 mile without stopping by the end of the week.  On Tuesday night, I surprised myself because I accomplished my goal much earlier in the week than I thought I would be able to.  I was so incredibility happy.  Last night I was able to jog even further, a whole 1.10 miles.  Yay me!

This past week, I noticed that it’s easier to push myself  run a certain distance then if I try to run for a certain amount of time.  While I am jogging will say to myself, you have done .5 mile already what’s another .10 of a mile.  That seems to push me past any doubts I have.

This challenge made me feel so good that I am going to set another running challenge for me to complete by the end of February.  My new goal is to jog 2 miles without stopping.  Stay tuned, so you can join me to celebrate when I get there.

Question:  How did you do at this challenge?


2 thoughts on “I Did It! Challenge Complete

  1. … Very badly I have to admit! It all started when a friend of mine talked me into it for a charity cause, some years ago. I am still struggling on 5km ( I haven’t made it yet to run it all if you ask me ) and will keep it that way! So I kind of know what is like. Well done! :))

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