Busy Mom’s Weekly Menu Plan – February 9 – 15

Busy Moms Weekly Meal PlanThis week on Friday, couples will rush out to restaurants to have a hurried meal while they are packed into every square inch of a restaurant because it is Valentine’s Day.  Many restaurants will create menus with more expensive prices, since they know couple will come no matter what.  My husband and I love to go out to dinner but when restaurants are over crowded like this, we just don’t enjoy our meal.  We find that we have a much better time if we go out either the week before or the week after Valentine’s Day.  The restaurants are so much calmer then and you do feel like people are waiting to give your table to the next couple.

So instead of going out, we celebrate Valentine’s Day at home.  On Friday, I plan on putting the kids to bed early (we shall see how that goes) and making a special dinner for just the two of us.  On the menu is broiled salmon with sauteed spinach.  Salmon + a bottle of wine + my husband = a perfect night!

Here is what I plan on making for dinner this week:

Sunday:  Chicken Fajitas with a Yellow Rice.

Meatless Monday:  Vegan Chili.

Tuesday:   Leftovers.

Wednesday:  Sauteed Lemon Chicken with spaghetti and asparagus. 

Thursday:   Crock Pot French Dip Sandwiches with Caramelized Onions.

Friday:   Valentine’s Day Dinner, Broiled Salmon with sauteed spinach.

Saturday:  Hamburgers with homemade coleslaw.

Question:  How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


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