Stuck in the House, Let’s Get Crafty

Yikes. We are about to get hit with the biggest snow storm that I have seen in years. The weather channel is saying to expect 8-12 inches of the white stuff.  That is an insane amount of snow! Add that to the 4 inches we already have and if my little munchkin goes out, we won’t be able to see her head above all of the snow. We aren’t going to be able and go out to play in this snow storm to get our energy out, there is just going to be way too much snow. To keep busy we are going to have to do LOTS craft projects instead.

During my lunch at work to day, I was able to get out of the office and get supplies. I went to Hobby Lobby and got lots and lots of crafting supplies to keep us happy and busy for the next few days. They must have been happy to see me coming, I think I bought the store out of craft paper and glue. The store was so packed, I must not be the only person thinking, “stuck in the house, let’s get crafty.”

Here are some activities that I plan on doing with my little ones to have some fun.  Check out the links to some awesome blogs to find things that you can do with your kiddies until you are able to tunnel your way out of the snow.

Handprint Heart Heart Math
Hidden Valentine Day Message Paper Heart Craft

Handprint Heart Tree (I Heart Crafty Things)
Mending Broken Hearts – A counting-puzzle Activity (Sorting Sprinkles)
Hidden Message Valentines (Mamas Like Me)
Paper Hug (Happy Valentine’s Day 2014)

Question: What are you doing with your little ones today?


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