Mommy’s Weekend Look

Weekend Outfit This weekend the kids and I braved the snow after being trapped in the house for 3 days straight. I don’t consider going outside to shovel or play in the snow as actually leaving the house. We did some boring shopping and ate a snack while we were out. Not all that impressive but it was nice to get out.

After 3 days of wearing yoga pants, I decided to get dressed in an outfit that made me feel good. I really like bubble necklaces, I have a few of them in different colors. I think this outfit is pretty plain but when you add the necklace it takes it from boring to interesting. I am always cold, so I also like to pair my outfits with a statement scarf to keep myself warm.

Here is what I wore last weekend:

Sweater – H&M
Skinny jeans – Marshall’s
Boots – Piperline
Necklace –
Scarf – Wet Seal (I know its a young store but they had a great sale on scarfs)

Question: Will you shop anywhere for a deal?


Mommy’s Got Boots

Great BootsMy go to shoe option at the moment is knee high BOOTS!  I am a little bit obsessed with them.  I just can’t help myself.  What am I going to do when winter is over?  They are both stylish and comfortable.  There aren’t too many fashion items that you can wear that actually are functional.  So boots are a fashion win, win for me.

Weekend Outfit

Last Saturday we were so busy.  I don’t think I spent more then 1 hour at home the whole day.  In the morning, I ran a ton of errands with the little kids.  Then after nap my oldest daughter had a gymnastics meet and munchkin #1 had a bowling birthday party to go to.   When I got dressed that morning, I tried to pick something that I could easily chase after the munchkins in at the gymnastics meet and wouldn’t show every little hand print that I was sure to have on me.

Here is what I wore last weekend:

Tank top – Forever21
Shirt – Forever21
Skinny jeans – Old Navy
Boots – Macy’s
Watch – Wristology

Mommy’s Got Style

Weekend Style

Yes, I am a mom and sometimes I feel like I am even dressed like one.  I will wear my yoga pants out of the house even when I am not going to the gym.  I don’t own a gym membership, so there is no way I would end up at one.  On the really bad days, I run to the store without doing my hair or putting on makeup.  When this happens I don’t feel very attractive and I really hope no one I know sees me.

That is why I try at least one day each weekend to put a nice outfit together that I can wear when I go grocery shopping.  Which mean no 4 inch heels.  Have you ever tried to grocery shop in 4 inch heels?  I have and it hurts.

Here is one of my weekend outfits.  I hope you find this outfit fashionable enough to make you feel good when you wear it.  But it is comfortable enough that you can wear it when you play with your kids on the floor.

Everyone feels better when they take a little bit of time out of the day for themselves and you have to put clothes on anyway right?

Tanktop – Old Navy
Cardigan – Marshalls
Skinny jeans – Old Navy
Boots – Piperline
Watch – Wristology
Initial Necklace –

Challenge Update

I DID IT!  I jogged for a whole mile with out stopping.  Boy was that tough.  I was ready to pull the plug but then I saw I only had a few more steps to go to hit my target.  Hopefully after jogging a few more miles this week, it will get easier and easier.  I think I am going to up my challenge and see if I can go 1.5 miles by Saturday.