My Dirty Little Secret

Saving Time

Where do you groceries come from?  Mine come from a truck.

It all started when my second child was born.  I couldn’t figure out how to fit the car seat and the groceries in my shopping cart, so I signed up for Peapod.  Peapod is a company, in the Northeast, that will deliver the groceries you order online right to your door.  Each week, I pick out the grocery items that I want from their website, and then pick a good time for them to deliver them to our house.  They offer everything from liquid plumber to baby diapers and the driver will bring them right into my kitchen.  All I have to do is put them away.  It doesn’t get much better then that.

The first thing that probably comes to your mind is that it must cost a lot of money.  In the past 4 years, I have gone back to shopping in the grocery store a few times because I start to believe that I must be spending more money using Peapod.  But when I go to the grocery store I actually cost me more money then what I spend when I shop with Peapod.  I am not sure why I spend so much money.  Either I don’t have any impulse control or it’s because the kids are with me.  I have spent up to double the amount of money on my groceries when I am in the store.

There are a few ways to save with Peapod that I take advantage of.  I like Peapod on Facebook and they offer exclusive specials each month that they share on their timeline.  Peapod also will take manufactures coupons, all you have to do is hand them to the driver when he comes.  The third way to save money is to use them often enough to qualify for their VIP program.  Their VIP program gives a value day where the delivery fee is almost free and they give you extra online coupons that you can use.

Peapod has been a life saver.  It saves me at least 2 hours each week that I can spend with my kids or even doing a little something for myself.  If you have a similar program where you live you should try it.  I promise you won’t care that someone else picked out your produce for you.

Question:  What do you do to save time in your busy schedule?

Note:  Peapod did not compensate me in any way for writing this post.