Mommy’s Weekend Look

Weekend Outfit This weekend the kids and I braved the snow after being trapped in the house for 3 days straight. I don’t consider going outside to shovel or play in the snow as actually leaving the house. We did some boring shopping and ate a snack while we were out. Not all that impressive but it was nice to get out.

After 3 days of wearing yoga pants, I decided to get dressed in an outfit that made me feel good. I really like bubble necklaces, I have a few of them in different colors. I think this outfit is pretty plain but when you add the necklace it takes it from boring to interesting. I am always cold, so I also like to pair my outfits with a statement scarf to keep myself warm.

Here is what I wore last weekend:

Sweater – H&M
Skinny jeans – Marshall’s
Boots – Piperline
Necklace –
Scarf – Wet Seal (I know its a young store but they had a great sale on scarfs)

Question: Will you shop anywhere for a deal?


Mommy’s Got Boots

Great BootsMy go to shoe option at the moment is knee high BOOTS!  I am a little bit obsessed with them.  I just can’t help myself.  What am I going to do when winter is over?  They are both stylish and comfortable.  There aren’t too many fashion items that you can wear that actually are functional.  So boots are a fashion win, win for me.

Weekend Outfit

Last Saturday we were so busy.  I don’t think I spent more then 1 hour at home the whole day.  In the morning, I ran a ton of errands with the little kids.  Then after nap my oldest daughter had a gymnastics meet and munchkin #1 had a bowling birthday party to go to.   When I got dressed that morning, I tried to pick something that I could easily chase after the munchkins in at the gymnastics meet and wouldn’t show every little hand print that I was sure to have on me.

Here is what I wore last weekend:

Tank top – Forever21
Shirt – Forever21
Skinny jeans – Old Navy
Boots – Macy’s
Watch – Wristology